The Peppernut Tradition

Peppernuts, with their unique flavor and addictive aroma, are a
Voran-Goertzen family tradition dating back more than two centuries.  
Original recipes were copied when Mennonite families moved about
Europe in search of religious freedom.  Then, when my
great-grandparents left the Ukraine for America in 1874, they brought
this tradition with them.
The dough was packed in five gallon crocks, and stored in the dark, cool
fruitroom of the cellar.  Left to stand a week or more, the spices blended
smoothly with the sugar and flour.
Many women shaped the cookies by rolling the dough into ropes and
then slicing those ropes to form the small round cookies.  My
fore-mothers, however, painstakingly cut their dough in perfect little
circles, using a sewing thimble for a cutter.
Building on these four generations of rich heritage,
provides you the opportunity to make this gourmet delicacy a
tradition in your family and a part of all your gatherings.

Denise Voran-Goertzen